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Alexandre Papanicolaou and Emilie Yannoukou have been living together, in France, for the last ten years and they have been working together since 2003. Emilie studied Art History and Visual Arts and Alexandre studied Cinema and Audiovisual.

They have created Persona Production, in Paris, where they direct and produce documentaries and collaborate with various television channels. Their last documentary production Resurface (2007, 62’) was screened in several festivals and was awarded in Palermo, in Thessaloniki and Los Angeles.

They also work as photographers, collaborating with several magazines such as “Maison Française” (France), Vogue (Greece), Status (Greece), “Mezzanine” (Russia), “The Independent” (England), “Elle Interiör”(Sweeden), “Gala” (France) and many other publications around the world.

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