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Santorini moments

Photo album / 180 pages / Greek, English, French
ISBN: 978-2-9533270-0-7
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Santorini moments is a photographic album showing moments of everyday’s life in the island of Santorini during the four seasons of the year.

From one season to the other, we see snapshots of the inhabitants of Santorini in their daily occupations (rural work, children at school, etc.), tourists from all over the world who came to visit the island and it’s stunning landscapes.

This album is a different way to discover Santorini, it reveals the hidden sides of the island to the reader.

The photos are depicting different lifestyles existing in parallel on the island. Page after page, we get familiar with different scenes.

For example, in one page we can see the 90 year old Mr Spirakis in his yellowing fava bean workshop, and in the next page, a couple of asian tourists diving to discover the Aegean sea in springtime, or even some pages after, Athenians eating in a taverna, and then, a young fisherman who just caught a lobster in summertime.

With this photo-album, Alexandre & Emilie wanted to share with us moments they witnessed, and most of all, moments that moved them.

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· Eleni Bistika in Kathimerini
· Municipality of Santorini

Santorini moments

“Santorini sails upon the sea, through spring and summer, fall and winter. Every season leaves its trace upon the land, the animals, the people and the camera of Alexandre & Emilie. With each picture we move further away from the clichés of postcards. We come closer to the people and enjoy the view on the inside. As we turn the pages, it feels lucky to be there before the arrival of the tourists. And to be leaving last, with the true sights of Santorini in our eyes.”

- Kimon Frangakis