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Documentary / 62’
Directed by Emilie Yannoukou & Alexandre Papanicolaou
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Alexander Taxildaris is 25 years old. he was left a quadriplegic after a diving accident four years ago. Since then, he has been swimming competitively. In order to transform his handicap into an opportunity he is participating in the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games.

In the swimming-pool, Maria, his coach, is training him harder and harder. She is anxious, and all this pressure makes her very emotional when unexpected situations occur, but she wants to believe in a medal. Alex, on the other hand, is more self-controlled and pragmatic. His family and friends are strongly united around him.

Will he win the medal that everyone is hoping for?

Best Direction, 29th Palermo International Sport Film Festival
Greek Film Center Award, 10th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
Audience Award, 2nd Los Angeles Greek Film Festival

1rst Athens Emotion Picture Documentary & Disability Festival, 30th Drama International Film Festival, 1rst Nicosia International Documentary Film Festival, 22nd Parnü International Documentary & Anthropology Film Festival, 5th European Film Festival San Antonio , 2nd New York Greek Film Festival, 10th Patra International Panorama of Independent Film & Video Makers, 6th Taiwan International Documentary Festival, 14th Marseille’s International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary CMCA, 9th MEDIMED Sitges

TV Screenings
PRISMA+, National Greek Digital Channel

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